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June 2011

At the Annual Meeting on May 1, Marilyn Zembower was elected to Vestry.  Crystal Finn, Susan Capinas and Alan Kiel were re-elected.

Ken Longman, Beth Muller, Doug Stoddart, Trish Troilo, Christopher Gilman, Barbara Johnson, Donna Lima-Monteiro and Jean Scherfcunningham continue their service on Vestry, and we thank them for their leadership.

Maryann Cannon’s term expired, and we thank her for her leadership and service on the Vestry.

Thank you to all who permitted their names to be placed in nomination for this service in our congregation.

Alan Kiel
For the Nominating Committee


INFORMATION FOR YOU – AND FOR THE CHURCH OFFICE   Just a reminder that there are forms available in the Narthex on the table when you need to inform the parish secretary about:  Prayer Requests, changes in address/phone #/email, and when you have other messages for Robin, Gary  or Kathleen.  They are located in clear plastic holders on the right side of the table.

In addition, there is an information brochure about the Memorial Garden, and current parish directories.

You may also call the church office (215-675-5737) with your information or requests.

ADVENT HERALD     The Herald is available in the Narthex for members the last two Sundays of the month. Copies are available in the narthex and chapel for visitors throughout the month. It is also posted on the website.

Articles are due in the church office no later than the 10th of each month.  This includes information for the parish calendar. Articles submitted after the deadline cannot be published.  ALL information about parish activities should be written on the calendar sheets posted in the Parish Hall.  Your
cooperation is appreciated in making sure that nothing is “missing” from the parish calendar.

Book Review -  Jerusalem-the City of God. Ellen Gunderson Traylor, 1995, Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon, 97402
Reading this huge saga, which chronicles the stories of many whose lives are also the stories of this ancient city, is not a quick vacation week activity. The author first takes us back, before the dawn of civilization to lay the geographic orientation of a special place. Using 631 pages of text, the book takes the reader from these earliest prehistoric times through events occurring in the last months of 1949.

Each of the book’s thirteen sections is divided into several small chapters occurring within a particular time span. Between the Sections are Interludes which serve to set the stage for the action of the following chapters. These chapters are the dramatic telling of events in the lives of those who were affected by historic changes of weather, politics, religious upheaval and incidents, wars, economic ups and downs and governance variables. Some of the characters are fictitious and some are those whose existence is historically documented, but whose actions in the drama are only possible, perhaps likely. Such literary license makes for good story-telling and allows the book to be more than just a documentation of historic events and changes. Through the eyes, minds and hearts of people with whom we can personally identify, we are moved through events and the part of the city’s history in which they lived. For example, it is amusing to hear that the meeting of David and Bathsheba was set-up for them by Bathsheba’s maid, who strategically located her mistress’s bath tub on their roof-top where the moonlight would shine through the curtains. This allowed their neighbor, King David, to view an attractive female silhouette as he strolled nightly on his own roof-top.

The research on religions, geography, and political history which allowed the author to tackle such a huge, long time-line is commendable. Giving us character-participants in this vast history helps makes such a long read quite enjoyable. The over-all plot is basically that of protecting a special place, one supposedly given to its earliest inhabitants by God. The story is then told of how those who lived in this place over the millennia have behaved, and whether they chose to acknowledge that specialness, or not.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historic novels and wants to get a more personal sense of why Jerusalem, located as it is in a part of the world still unsettled and politically volatile, might still be labeled the “City of God” by a large number of people of various religious and cultural beliefs.
Maureen Roberts
(Reviewed July 2008)


Aid for Friends Cook In    As many of you know, Aid for Friends is an organization dedicated to the delivery of frozen meals to homebound individuals.  Advent has supported the Aid for Friends program for many years in many ways including “hosting” a freezer in the basement.

Visitors from the community come to pick up meals from Advent’s freezer and deliver meals to our neighbors in Hatboro.   Since the supply of meals gets desperately low in the summer, the Outreach Committee will be sponsoring a cook-in on Sunday, June 19th at 9 AM.  Volunteers are needed to prepare food ahead of time to bring to the cook-in and to fill, wrap, and label food trays.

As we already have a large supply of vegetables and applesauce, our most critical need is for entrees.  Food that is easily chewed and relatively low in sodium and fat is preferable.  Recommended dishes include chicken, baked fish, stews, casseroles, and meatloaf.  If you can prepare an entree for the cook-in, please sign up on the sheet on the Outreach bulletin board in the parish hall.  If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Outreach Committee.

The Outreach Committee would like to thank everyone who brings meals from home to the freezer.  For those who have leftovers for even one meal at home, do not throw them away. Please consider filling a meal tray at home and bringing them to the Aid for Friends freezer.  Even one meal per week is a significant contribution which brings diversity to the meal selection.

As always, thank you for your generous support of this ministry!
Ellen Kavash

To address the needs of the growing Latino population in our community, Lehman Methodist Church has developed an outreach program led by a Hispanic pastor.  One project is the collection of school supplies which will be used to fill backpacks to be given to Latino children in this area.  Please consider purchasing items from the attached list and placing them in the designated bin by the Outreach Table.  The collection will last through Sunday, 7 August.

1, 2, 3 inch binders
2 pocket folders in red, blue, green, yellow, orange
2 pocket folders with holes
3” x 5” index cards
Baby wipes
Red pens, Black pens, Blue pens
Book socks or covers
Colored markers and colored pencils, crayons
Dividers (Write-on)
Dry Erase Markers
Elmer’s glue
Erasable colored markers
Eraser tops
Flash cards (add, sub, multi, div)
Glue sticks
Hand sanitizer
Head phones
Highlighters yellow
Lined loose leaf paper
Liquid hand soap
Marble black composition books
Marble colored books
Paper towels
Pencil cases (soft)
Pencil sharpeners
Plastic 2 pocket folders
Post-It notes
Scissors (safety and sharp)
Scotch tape
Spiral notebooks (1, 2, and 3 subject)
Writers Notebook
USB Drives
Ziplock bags
Zippered 3 ring binders

Copies of this list will also be available in the Narthex.

Thank you for your support from the Outreach Committee.


ALTAR FLOWERS    If you receive altar flowers, please enjoy them, then kindly return to the church the aluminum can they are in so it can be used again….and again….and again.  It is getting harder for the altar guild to keep these cans ‘in stock’.  Your help is appreciated.


Children of the Bible
This summer Advent will be holding Vacation Bible School from Sunday July 31 –Thursday August 4.  It is held in the evening from 6:30-8:30 so that people who work or children who go to camp can still take part in our adventure.

Our VBS is open to preschoolers as young as 3 and elementary age children.  Adults as well as children can take part in this VBS.

There are opportunities for many people to help with this VBS. Maybe you are a musician or enjoy music and would like to lead one of our songs, or you enjoy working with food and want to help the children with snacks.  Have you always wanted to lead games or make crafts?  Maybe you just enjoy being with the children and would enjoy heading a  group and telling them the stories.

You can register by :
1.  filling out a registration form and returning it to church
2.  calling the church office 215-675-5737 or
3.  emailing me at

Please share the good news of our adventure with all of your friends and family.  There is a sign up form in this issue of the Herald.  Please return it to church as soon as possible or email it to Janet Gilman at

My partner, Earl takes care of the book room at Holy Redeemer Thrift Shop in Hatboro. One of his duties is to go through each book donated to see if anything might be stuck between the pages. He found the following printed on a bookmark; the author is unknown.         Bill Millar

When I say. . .”I am a Christian”
I’m not shouting “I am saved”
I’m whispering “I was lost”
That is why I chose this way.

When I say. . .”I am a Christian”
I don’t speak of this with pride.
I’m confessing that I stumble.
And need someone
to be my guide.

When I say. . .”I am a Christian”
I’m not trying to be strong.
I’m professing that I’m weak.
And pray for strength
to carry on.

When I say. . .”I am a Christian”
I’m not bragging of success.
I’m admitting I have failed.
And cannot ever pay the debt.

When I say. . .”I am a Christian”
I’m not claiming to be perfect.
My flaws are all too visible
But God believes I’m worth it.

When I say. . .”I am a Christian”
I still feel the sting of pain.
I have my share of heartaches,
Which is why I speak his name.

When I say. . .”I am a Christian”
I do not wish to judge.
I have no authority.
I only know I am loved.

Bill Baird – Marge Burns’ request
Jack Boone – Jackie Freeman’s
Joan Branston – Tony Lawson’s cousin
Glen Bruner – Marge Burns’ request
Norma Brunner – The Lawson’s
Bonnie Callaghen – Rodemich’s request
Bobbie Clayton – Robin Martin’s request
Louise Colleti – Teri O’Shea’s request
Debbi Cook – Donna McConomy’s request
Phyllis Curtis and Family – Bob Fuggiti’s request
Irene Cuzzone – Cathy Wehmeyer’s request
Ralph Delaney – Trish Troilo’s request
Adrienne Disley – Audrey & Brian Disley’s daughter
Audrey Disley – parish member
William Donahue – Barbara Pitt’s request
Sue Dorman – Laurie Dorman’s sister-in-law
Drayton Family – Marge Burns’ request
Patrick Duffy – Trish Troilo’s request
Michelina Finn – Crystal Finn’s request
Jackie Fox – Laurie Ulrich-Fuller’s request
Lorraine Geissler – Bobbi DiDeo’s mother
Paul George – Susan Capinas’ request
Robert Gibson – Cathy Wehmeyer’s request
Mary & Ted Gilligan – Scott Moschette’s request
Chris Giorno – Trish Troilo’s request
Rich Glanfield – Jackie Freeman’s request
Ryan Glenwright – Jackie Freeman’s request
Vince Gonzales – Marianne Leahy’s request
Olga and Joseph Gordon – parish members
Shoshona Green – Trish Troilo’s request
Muriel Hafner – Janet Gilman’s sister
John Harrison – Carolyn Smith’s grandson
The Havers Family – Jeanne Bernosky’s request
Carol Hill – Louise Zimmerman’s request
Ella Hoesch – Jackie Freeman’s request
Joann – Marge Burns’ request
Janette Kauffman – Crystal Finn’s request
Sandy Keegan – Sinclair’s request
Kristen Kiel – Marge Burns’ request
Sue Lagnese – Maryann Cannon’s request
Jim Lamb –Gilman’s request
Harry Link – Teri O’Shea’s request
Audrey Lockton – Laurie Dorman’s request
Dinny Longo – Marge Burns’ request
John Loomis – Trish Troilo’s request
Fred Luff – Carol Luff’s husband
Dorothy Lynch – parish member
Cathy Mattern – Magill’s request
Jack Matthews – Marilyn Zembower’s request
Gordon McCrea – Barbara Johnson’s uncle
Nancy Meehl – parish member
Joey Messina – Vicki Peterson’s brother
Joanne Mills – parish member
Stephanie Moore – Vicki Peterson’s daughter
Paul Moschette – Scott Moschette’ father
Joseph Nevin – Trish Troilo’s request
Shirley Neudecker – Rodemich’s request
Carol Nicolais – parish member
Matthew and Christopher Niedrist –
Karen Snyder’s & Cheryle Kelly’s request
Rodney Nordquist – Teri O’Shea’s request
Sergio Ortiz-Cataldi – Barbara Pitt’s request
Frieda Paulus – Gina Driver’s request
Carol Peniston – Marge Burns’ request
Raines Family –Laurie Dorman’s request
Ramos Family – Elaine Kemp’s request
Donna Riopelle – Barbara Johnson’s request
Ron Rivers – Laurie Dorman’s request
Nancy & Alex Rodemich – parish members
Gordon Rowe – Holly Romanoli’s father
Doreen Scarbough – Vicky Peterson’s request
Steve Senderoff – Barbara Johnson’s request
Paul Shawaluk – Barbara Johnson’s brother-in-law
John Joe Shisslak – Gina Driver’s request
Roy Smith – parish member
David Smith – Alan Kiel’s request
Joan Snyder – Karen Snyder’s mother
Adrian Thomas – Trish Troilo’s request
Ian Vallone – Jackie Freeman’s request
Raymond Waite – Marge Burns’ request
Janet Weckerly – friend of the parish
Muriel Wehmeyer – parish member
Maureen Weiss – Barbara Johnson’s request
Whalin Family – Trish Troilo’s request
Doris Wonderly – parish member
Krystal Yavorski – Teri O’Shea’s request

Kate Jester, Stephen Stillman, Christopher Jay, Sean Kelly, Buckner Alexander, Paul Capinas, Michael McKerney, Christopher (Cowboy) Huntsberger,  Steve Turi, and Ryan Greene.

MONTHLY BIRTHDAY PARTY  If your birthday is “missing” from the monthly birthday list, please be in touch with Kathleen at the parish office:  215-675-5737 or email her at  Remember to include your name on the sign up sheets for the birthday party held  each month. Sheets are posted in the hallway outside Robin’s office.

6/1    Chris Kuhn
6/2    Caroline Patanovich
6/3    Wayne Klotzbach
6/3    John Ready
6/4    Megan Kline
6/5    Robert Fuggiti
6/5    William Stoddart
6/6    Emily Kress
6/7    Peter Walton
6/9    Christopher Gilman
6/10    Karen Snyder
6/11    Deborah Stacey
6/15    Dennis McConomy
6/17    Elaine Kemp
6/18    Kyle Vander Muelen
6/19    Hilton Gieseke
6/22    Hazel Shumaker
6/23    Alyssa Devlin
6/23    Eric Rygg
6/24    Sean Patrowich
6/25    Barbara LaRue
6/27    Victoria Bowman
6/29    Lisa Devlin
6/30    Barbara White

THE NEXT ISSUE OF THE HERALD IS FOR JULY/AUGUST.  Please plan ahead and be sure to share all your information about your group’s activities and ministries.  The deadline for this issue is June 10

The September Herald will be available the last two Sundays of August.  Its deadline is August 10.

Advent Loves Animals
Anthony Castagna has a bunny named Moe. Moe has one floppy ear. He’s happy just being a bunny.

Eileen and Rich Johnston brought one of their two dogs to the Blessing of the Animals service this year. The dogs are handsome European Boxers. If you know their names are Remy and Papi, could you guess Rich’s favorite baseball team?

Gina Driver’s “grand dog”, Nukka, was born in a “rescue” with her seven siblings. On their first birthday, all of the litter got together for a party and seemed to know each other after being apart for the year!

If you’ve heard the expression, “Call a dog and it comes to you, call a cat and it says, ‘Get back to you later’, “ you can check with the Kiels or the Martins.  Both families are “cat people”.  Ask Hennie about Gizmo, Little Boo, Ike and Mike.

If you have an idea for this column, be in touch with Judy Murphy.


5    Worship Committee
6    Staff Meeting
10    July/August Herald articles due in church office
12    Pentecost, Parish Picnic, C.S. Commencement
16         Healing Service
19    Aid for Friends Cook-In, Birthday Party

4    Office Closed
5    Half days begin in the office
6    No Eucharist
17    Birthday Party
31    Vacation Bible School

1-4    Vacation Bible School
10    September Herald articles due in church office
21    Birthday Party

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